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Other featured songs:

Teemo's Calling:
Snow is falling, a chilly wind bites into exposed flesh as dark skies blot out the light. Time to think of sunny days, warm times and the beckoning call of a tropical sunrise.


Losing Faith (Gotta Keep Going):
Brutal riffing on a quiet Sunday afternoon, written and recorded over a couple of hours. Inspired after listening to Bring Me The Horizon's incredible latest album - Post Human: Survival Horror


When The Truth Hides The Lies:
Taken from on-line only to-be-released EP 'Stress Therapy'


Once More Once Again:
Taken from on-line only to-be-released EP 'Stress Therapy'



When It's Over, It's Over:
Recorded and remixed for above EP release in 2021


Indian Circles II (thanks to Daniel from Unlock Your Sound for mixing advice on this):
Recorded June 2020, remixed late 2020


Time Is The Lone Dancer (classical version):
Recorded 2020


I'm Listening (Turn It Up):
Recorded late 2020


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Songwriter / Sound Design and Creation

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Spin / Hanging By A Thread / In Praise of Dreams / Classical Encounters of the Daisy Kind


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