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Album Spin by daisychaindaze


Words, Words, Words

A Hundred Times (extended album version)

Warm Rain Today

Angry Sheep

Squeezed Times

Once More Once Again

Thank You

Locrian's Tears for Heaven

"A Hundred Times" was written in desparate times. I remember spending hours and hours carefully hand writing letters to potential employers to try and get a first job in design. Or, it could be a love-letter - see what you make of it.

"Thank You" is a cynical slap in the face to pushy sales who insist you have the latest-and-most-wanted-new-fangled-widget that you most definately don't need.

Angry Sheep was the first written composition after moving to rural Wales.



Album Hanging by a Thread by daisychaindaze

Hanging by a Thread (reissue)


Reconfigured from a few years ago, 'Hanging By A Thread' includes songs and compositions covering the spectrum of pop-rock-jazz and soundtrack instrumental genres. Some of these tracks were written for vocals, so strong melodies can be found amongst the compositions.


Album In Praise of Dreams by daisychaindaze

In Praise of Dreams


Initially written a couple of years ago, 'In Praise of Dreams' remained hidden with others in dark corners on this website. Now given a full daylight airing, this demo album has songs from soundtrack instrumentals to pop-rock-folk-jazz. Includes earlier versions of current songs.


Album Classical Encounters of the Daisy Kind by daisychaindaze

Classical Encounters of the Daisy Kind

Bush Melodrama

Chasing Targets (classical instrumental version)

Sparrow Hawk

Das Der Ding (German classical mix)

The Three Keys Kingdom

Clazzical Eaze

Spanish Shred

You Can't Stop Me Dreaming (classical instrumental version)

Confession time again: 17-year-old-kid playing along to "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by the Clash and "Like A Hurricane" by Neil Young, buys an old single in local jumble sale. Mis-reads title of song (thought it was MC5), but it's a Mozart single.

Kid takes it home: the track was "Something-Something in key of G"; plays it on his battered turntable; likes what he hears; picks up guitar and starts impovising his newly-learnt G major scale over the single. To his surprise the whole thing sounded in-tune and amazing!

Yep, my first taste of the diverse world of classical music. Favourite classical piece: Ninth from Schostakovitch.


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