Where Are They (Fermi's Paradox)?

So that's it? There is no one else
What can we look forward to now?

The promise of heaven
The threat of hell
How can they exist
No religion to sell
(God, that will fuck a few people up!)

The sudden realisation
We're the only race
Half-a-million years of searching
There's nothing but space
And we are alone
All alone

Evolution is our cruel master
We are slaves of our responsibility

Well, at least we can all live now
No God to die for
And we can boldly go
Where no man has gone before
(God, you try and stop us now!)

The sudden realisation
We are only human
Half-a-million years (and counting) of searching
And we are alone
All alone

Half-a-million years of looking for the answer
When the question never existed


Caught Daydreaming Again

The blackboard was webbed in lines
Criss-crossing, interwoven as tangled wool.

Miss-The-Bossing was knitting this knotting
As I sat in silent amazement
Twiddling my twaddling thumb.

Her words jagged out from sheer blackness
Cross-stitching like tormented roots.

Miss-The-Bossing spoke in discordant quirks
As I sat listening for learning
Confused as erased chalk.

Shouted Miss-The-Bossing
Seeing then kneeing my thoughts.

I sat in dumb awareness peeling my feelings
"Sorry Miss, daydreaming again"

Thinking of You

It must be Friday lunchtime
By the river in bright sunshine
A cooling breeze strokes the leaves
Dragonflies cruise
There's a jet liner overhead
Its shadow racing across the ground
It dissapears behind busy clouds

So I close my eyes
Think of something new
Now I'm only thinking of you

Here I am stuck on a train
There's only room for plenty of sighs
A man digs his elbow into my side
Never says sorry, passes me by
That's the sound of tin-plate music
A tunnel appears and we rumble through it

So I close my eyes
Think of something new
Now I'm only thinking of you

I look out the window
Get blinded by the dark
There's an empty feeling
That seems to last

So I close my eyes
Think of something new
Now I'm only thinking of you

Time is the Lone Dancer

Time is the lone dancer
DJ plays sad songs for all
So everyone can see
My back against the wall

I'm too scared to dance
Ask you for attention
Listening to sad songs
Fills me with aprehension

Time, time
Is the lone dancer
Time, time
Is a lonely feeling
I want to share
The last dance with you
But time, time
Keeps on stealing

I love watching you move
I'm scared of rejection
So I take another drink
And stare at my reflection

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