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A versatile artist, composer, and guitarist, who has dedicated years to crafting and recording his music, songs and lyrics. With a rich background influenced by a variety of music styles and genres, he has a distinctive and versatile sound that captivates listeners.

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The Story... So far

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Daisychaindaze – the multifaceted musical realm from John Cartwright. Musician, songwriter, guitarist, composer, sound creator, and lyricist. From intriguing left-field pop and indie rock anthems to soul-stirring classical compositions - John's musical journey is a testament to his passion for crafting diverse and captivating music.


What can you expect?


Variety, the spice of (musical) life. From hard-hitting rock and commercial tunes to classically-inspired compositions.
Songs written by a self-taught musician and songwriter: each piece is a testament to originality, free from templates or pre-set formulas.
Connect with Daisychaindaze. Whether through email or a friendly call, John is open to feedback, collaborations, and musical advice.Reach out!
Sound design and creation, classical and incidental music, commercial and eclectic pieces for movies, themes, and soundbites.

Latest tracks


Moving Away From Me

(from eighth studio album, Envy, Spite & Jealous Luck. Released October 31st 2024)


Reach Out

(from eighth studio album, Envy, Spite & Jealous Luck. Released October 31st 2024)


I'm Somewhat Perplexed (from album 5th Sympathy)

Lone Dancer (electrodelic version, from album, Numbers Don't Lie)

Suspect (from album, SOUNDFRACK)

Get Off My Trampoline

Sharp Four Classical (A Hint of Wit)

Hair Transplant (classical club version)

artwork covers for four songs of latest releases



Far From The Madding Crowd

I'm Too Scared To Dance

My Sparrowhawk

The In Moderation Suite


Musician I Songwriter I Lyricist