A competent musician who has written and performed self-penned songs and covers for many years.

Songs, compositions and words written with a whole lotta soul, promises, desire, delight, tight budgets, sore fingers, sore heads, enthsiasm, intensity, laughs, smiles and tears.

Influences and inspirations include, Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Jeff Beck, Rage Against The Machine, Grand Funk Railroad, Soft Machine, Brian Eno, John Williams, Black Sabbath, Roger McGough, Rikky Rooksby, Tommaso Zillio, José Feliciano, Terence Blanchard, Mozart and Shostakovich.

What I do

A Competent Musician.

daisychaindaze is the musical menagerie of John Cartwright: musician, songwriter, guitarist, composer, sound designer and creator, and lyricist.

No pigeon-holing here.

From ball-bustin' rock and roll and commercial melodies to sprinklings of classically-inspired compositions.

Organic Songwriting.

A self-taught musician and songwriter, so no templating of songs or programmed set formulae here. Just great songs with potential to appeal to the popular niche.

Sound Design and Creation, including Classical and Incidental Music.

A collection of commercial and eclectic pieces for film, themes, moods, classical themes, ads and brand idents plus other soundbites. Challenge me to come up with something original for you.

A down-to-earth-normal Musician with an open mind.

Let's get together for a jam or musical exchange of ideas! If you're a fellow or aspiring musician, young, old or middling, any genre, I'm all ears and have ample stocks of fresh coffee and tea.


Based at Windswept Studio, Upper Tumble, Carmarthenshire, South Wales.

I can be contacted on 07948 301 322, or john@daisychaindaze.co.uk


When It's Over / Shadows In The Ivy / You've Got What It's Got
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Twenty White Paper Hearts
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The Music, The Words

Let your ears be the judge.

My first love was all things played on guitar - from classical guitarist, John Williams to eclectic guitarist, John McLaughlin, and the unpredictability of Frank Zappa. I then became seduced by Schostakovitch, Karen Carpenter’s Voice, Rage Against The Machine, Bring Me The Horizon, Jeff Buckley, Soft Machine and early psychedelia.

I want to take the listener on a personal journey. Make the hairs on the back of their neck stand up...I want to pierce the soul...

As always, I would love to get some honest feedback.


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Spin / Hanging By A Thread / In Praise of Dreams / Classical Encounters of the Daisy Kind

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Critics say:


Some of his songs are savage as a dead sheep, calm as a raging butterfly, and as meaningful as mustard marshmallows..

Aunt May, favourite-ever Aunt

Positive energy creating a special something with an inspired musical and lyrical approach.

Mr Beck, inspirational teacher and occasional wizard

The songs and words speak truths and don't appeal to someone else’s truth.

Donald Hump, Corporate Bigwig

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