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A competent musician who has written and performed self-penned songs and covers for many years.

Songs, compositions and words written with a whole lotta soul, promises, desire, delight, tight budgets, sore fingers, sore heads, enthsiasm, intensity, laughs, smiles and tears.

Influences and inspirations include, Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Jeff Beck, Rage Against The Machine, Grand Funk Railroad, Soft Machine, Brian Eno, John Williams, Black Sabbath, Roger McGough, Rikky Rooksby, Tommaso Zillio, José Feliciano, Terence Blanchard, Mozart and Shostakovich.

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What I Do


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Tasty tracks, from alternaive rock to new classical.

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Sound Design and Creation

Shifting soundscapes. From quick snips to sweeping soundtracks

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Words that wriggle and wrench and breathe life to the music