Observations while waiting for a hair cut

Welcome to sanctuary - we also cut hair...

  • By JC
  • January, 2022

This is where opinions are formed
Conversations that matter, matter
This is where the soul's laid bare
World put right with chitter and chatter

If you've got trouble on your mind
Want advice for a breaking heart
How THEY should run your country
How everyone else should play their part

It's all here
Within these walls
It's all here
Within these walls.

Welcome to sanctuary
We also cut your hair
This is the refinery
Where everything's compared
Welcome to sanctuary
We also trim your beard
This is the distillery
Where drinking isn't feared

Wet shaves
Wet washes
This is where it all goes on
(Even the words to this song)

Leave it better than you found it.

Bruce A. Nordstrom (not a hairdresser)